A Little About Us

RELAX ITS SMOOTHIE & COFFEE TIME!...Home of the Famous Chocolate Addiction, Mango Madness, Spazmatic, The Goonie, Peach Lizard, Green Machine, Tropical Lemonade, Razzle Dazzle, and The MOOkachino! We also hand craft all Coffee Espresso Drinks Hot or Cold including our incredible Salted Carmel Mocha, White Mocha, Lattes, all Teas!

SmoothiePatrol creates Super Fantastic tasting smoothies, espresso coffee drinks hot or cold .

We are perfect for All Events:

• Corporate Events

• Carnivals,

• Office Parties

• Athletic Events

• School Open Houses

• Outside Youth Sporting Events

• Inside Youth Sporting Events

• Food Truck Group Events

• Private Family Functions

• Music Festivals & Concerts

• Band Festivals

• Church Events

Our Happy Customers

"Love these guys. Lots of people overlook them when thinking about Sacramento's food trucks, but their stuff is fantastic - nothing better on a typically hot Spring/Summer Sacramento day. Delicious, refreshing, FAST and fairly priced (the servings are huge) - the guys who run the truck are really nice, too! Definitely one of the high points of SactoMoFo for me."

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