About Us

With over 17 years of experience, hospitality comes second-nature to Smoothie Patrol, who innovated what's now en vogue in the food-truck world long before it was cool. Smoothies are their calling card, and for good reason - they do them better than just about anyone around with fresh-squeezed fruit, coconut water, vitamins and protein for days. Coffee's their other specialty, and comes in as many varieties as the smoothies have flavors. Lattes & salted caramel mochas get whipped up in a flash, and if you can't choose b/w smoothie and coffee, why not have both? The decadent Mookachino is a chocolate treat that dances the line between both. A wide variety of shaved ice rounds out the rest of the options, providing everyone with refreshments that go down easy on hot Cali days. Book 'em for your next event to spread top-notch flavor that's earned a legacy for a reason.

Smoothie Patrol & Coffee started in the year 2000 in Folsom, CA and we were probably the first catering truck with an art wrap you see on all the trucks in current times. We also had stores in Folsom, CA and Elk Grove, CA which we choose no longer to do so we can bring drinks to you with our mobile concept. We are well known in Northern California for bringing a healthy alternative to corporate and sporting events. The business is still a family passion and we take tremendous pride in creating the best tasting drinks you have ever experienced in a quick environment. Need a smoothie, coffee espresso or a shaved ice truck for your event or organization? We are a completely self-contained mobile food truck that is ready today for any size event you can throw at us. We specialize in drinks of all types hot or cold. Our guarantee to you is friendly prompt service, great pricing, and drinks that your employees, athletes or spectators will love. We have been performing at many different events for over 17 years and we look forward to sharing our fun exciting business with you.